Complete Solutions is a partnership between Baleen International, MAGNA Engineering, and Source2Source. We offer a complete, cost-effective, scalable municipal waste management solution that converts all urban waste streams into valuable products such as energy, sand, and water.

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  • Lower capital and O&M cost than traditional storm ponds;

  • Same or smaller footprint than traditional storm ponds;

  • Community reuse quality produced water;

  • Larger flood/major storm storage capacity;

  • Flexibility in discharge elevations; 

  • Ultra low flow discharge rates; 

  • High value Eco-park type amenity;

  • Substantially smaller outflow infrastructure; and

  • Flood and drought resilient system.


  • Lower capital and O&M cost than traditional wastewater treatment systems;

  • In-place lagoon retrofit for increased capacity in similar or smaller footprint;

  • Community reuse quality produced water;

  • All season treatment without odours;

  • High value, natural amenity vs. industrial wastewater treatment facilities;

  • Self-cleaning primary screening technology;

  • Potential for reduced setbacks, therefore less sterilized land; and

  • Primary maintenance staff have gardening skill sets.


  • Lower capital and O&M cost due to self propelling operation after start;

  • Low oxygen combustion for thermal efficiency and reduced NOx emissions;

  • Lower CO2 emissions than from landfill;

  • Sand by-product that can be used for fertilizer, metal extraction, or concrete aggregate;

  • Smaller footprint than landfills and provides landfill mining opportunities; and

  • Revenue opportunity from electricity production.

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