Implementing Community Broadband


Implementing Community Broadband in your municipality may seem daunting - but it doesn't have to be! While we understand it is no small undertaking, with proper engagement and planning, it can be a huge success and help future-proof your community! Essentially, the pros far outweigh the cons.


We believe the following six steps will help your municipality successfully implement community broadband:

  1. Business Case: Detailed preā€conceptual level deployment and financial estimates.

  2. Business Plan: Can provide facilitation, governance, organizational, operational, partnership, and financial components required to plan, deploy, and operate the fibre-optic broadband network.

  3. Community Broadband Infrastructure Master Plan (CBIMP): Provides the infrastructure framework and conceptual level design for conduit/fibre throughout the focus areas. With it, both rural and urban municipalities can then build out the network over time as priorities and finances permit.

  4. Active Network Design: This would provide the master plan for the lit-components and how capacity could be scaled over time.

  5. Design: The Design phase is a combination of any of the following three items:

    • Pilot Project;

    • Detailed Engineering Design and Tender Process; and/or

    • Governance.

  6. Construction: This step takes the pilot project from initial construction approvals and start-up through to project hand-off to your municipality.

If you would like to learn more about community broadband implementation, or if your municipality is thinking of embarking on a community broadband project, big or small, we can help!

Jessica Letizia